How To Make Latte At Home

Have you ever considered creating your cup of latte at home? The unique taste and the beauty of latte art are mostly the reason why people love this drink. When made well, a cup of latte will bring warmth with its sweet and silky coffee flavor. What makes it even more interesting, is the fact that you can buy a coffee machine and make it yourself at home. It is easy and needs a few ingredients. Interested? Here is how to make latte for you.

A Guide Of Making Latte Using Machine At Home 

  1. The Ingredients You Need

Let’s start with the ingredients and the kits. You should have the espresso beans or any coffee beans. It is recommended to get the espresso one. Get milk, additional topping, and optional syrup. Get a cup or a latte glass and of course, get an espresso machine. In this case, make sure you got a machine with a steam wand. The process of brewing and preparing probably only takes 5 minutes and it can yield 2 cups of latte.

  1. Starting With Preheating Your Cup

After you got all the ingredients ready, the next how to make latte step is preheating your cup. Why? is it needed? Yes! this is the first small step that very essential. The reason you heat the cup is to prevent your espresso shot go cold while you steam and froth the milk. You can easily do this step by filling your cup with hot water and let it stir for a few minutes. Or if you got the coffee machine with a cup warmer feature, that can be your best solution.

  1. Double Shot Of Espresso

Have you got the cup warmed up? If you do, get a double shot of espresso. This is the basic recipe and the right how to make latte method. Two shot of espresso and two-third of frothed milk is the perfect combination. However, the balance can be changed based on your preference. If you like a lighter or weaker coffee flavor, then you can brew or use a single shot. So, brew your preferred shot of espresso and pour it in your latte glass.

  1. Frothing Your Milk and pour it

Put your milk in a cup, place it in a frothing pitcher, and steam it using the machine’s wand. Hold the want about half an inch below the milk surface. At the same time, it has a temperature of 150°F, or else your milk may burn and destroy the natural taste. The next how to make latte step will be pouring it slowly without splash or spill to your espresso shot. Pour it slowly so the milk flow first and followed with the froth.

Nowadays, you can find lots of Latte machine products on the market. Since you are interested to make a latte by yourself, make sure you got the machine with frothing pitcher and steamer. As you got all the ingredients and the machine, you can start preheating your cup. Prepare two shots of espresso and froth your milk. That is all you need to do. If you look for the ingredients and equipment, you can check our store for the best offers.

Espresso Cups cookingia

Many coffee lovers know that freshly ground beans are the best ingredient for an amazing cup of coffee. The same case applies to espresso. But how if you don’t have a grinder? Most people love to grab and go their coffee, which means people prefer swift progress. In case you love freshly ground coffee but don’t want the hassle of making it, you can buy and use Espresso machine with grinder. Why? here are the reasons why you should use it.

The Reason And Benefit Why You Should Use The Device

  1. Fresh Taste

Nothing beats the fresh taste of freshly ground coffee beans. In this case, grinding your espresso beans with the coffee maker will guarantee fresher taste. The machine will make sure that the beans will be ground right before it brews with hot water. Try to compare it with the pre-ground beans! You will find a huge taste difference from both of the coffee. You can also boost the taste by trying roasting your beans at home before putting it in your Espresso machine with grinder.

  1. More Convenience

If you look at coffee shops that use manual grinding, highly possible you won’t love to try it. Don’t worry! This multifunctional machine will help you go through that hassle. You don’t need to put muscle to grind the beans, the machine will do the work. What you need to do is to put the beans inside the machine, input your desired setting, and wait for the coffee to brew. This type of machine brings more convenience with its simple method and setting.

  1. Refined Flavor

The flavor of the cup of coffee depends on how much oil can be extracted during the extraction method and brewing section. Using an Espresso machine with grinder and process the whole beans before brewing will make the output much more flavorful.  As soon as the coffee is ground up, the volatile and aromatic compounds are exposed. This why the pre-ground coffee lacking taste. This is one of the reasons why using this machine is more beneficial for you.

  1. Better Control

If you like to try this machine, the best one would be a device that comes with burr grinders. This feature will make a greater control of the grinding process. it will make more uniformed grounds than using the blade grinders. The size also helps determine the finished brew. If you love the strong flavor, try to choose the Espresso machine with grinder that provides finer grind. At the same time, it will make you save more time and energy when preparing coffee.

Check this De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine TrueBrew, this machine have combo function : Burr Grinder + Descaling Solution, Cleaning Brush & Bean Shaped Icecube Tray and also have Integrated adjustable manual frothier:  this is  allows you to customize steam and foam levels for rich, creamy, long-lasting lattes and cappuccinos – with no Barista experience required.  You can adjustable steel burr grinder has 13 setting options. super cool machine

All in all, no doubt creating an amazing cup of coffee need lots of skill and patient. In this case, grinding your espresso beans will guarantee more delightful sips. That is why you should consider buying the espresso maker that also comes with the grinder. It will help you grind the beans with better control. Creating fresh and more refined flavor. But where to buy it? you can check out our shop for more coffee machine products.


Espresso is one of the strong styled coffees that are most people like. At the same time, people went out to the local coffee shop for a shot of espresso. But, you can have a good quality of espresso if you can evaluate some important aspects.  Significantly, you can determine the consistency, flavors, and the freshness of the coffee that you are going to enjoy. Here is our explanation to pick the best coffee for espresso you should consider.

Three Ways to Evaluate the Best Quality for Espresso

  1. The Aspect from Storage of the coffee

With the proper packaging, the whole beans of coffee can be stored up to four weeks in sealed bags. It still is fully flavored although the ideal drinking period is two weeks. So, if you want to have the best quality of coffee, you need to consider the storage of the beans. Coffee should always be stored in one-way degassing valve bags or containers. These make the CO2 enable to escape while preventing oxygen from entering the storage.

  1. Deciding Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee Beans

If you want to have the best coffee for espresso in high quality, at least you need to choose the right bean. Coffee in the market often contains a blend of Arabica and Robusta. While in the coffee houses sell only Arabica beans since it has a rich flavor. On the contrary, Robusta has more caffeine and fewer flavors. Then, if you want to have the excellent quality from your coffee, Arabica beans is a very good choice to make a good espresso that you want.

  1. The Flavor of Coffee for Espresso

After you take consideration of the importance to store the coffee beans, you can determine the quality of coffee by evaluating the flavor. Best coffee for espresso covers the perception of all qualities including the acidity, aroma, the body, sweetness or bitterness, and aftertaste of the coffee. However, the best coffee achieves a balance between all these qualities without dominating one of the sides of these components.

Start with the aroma, you can smell of fresh-ground to indicate the freshness of the coffee as well as its high quality. Some typical aroma can be floral and nutty. But, the best quality coffee tends to have a strong aroma and a little bit of bitter taste. Indeed, the bitterness of coffee flavor particularly true in espresso that becomes the basic taste to detect the class of coffee. This can add the fullness of the best coffee for espresso flavor.

Based on the explanation, if you are looking to refine your coffee drinking experience, you need to observe some aspects. From concerning the storage of the coffee beans, the type of the beans, and the flavor that is produced from the coffee, your ways can be varied. Coffee quality is important for you to determine the level of low price or the high price of the beans. So, if you want to enjoy the best value from your delighted espresso drink, you can check and buy in our store to get the best pick.

latte maker

Do you like a latte? The good news is you can make them whenever you want in your home by using a latte machine. There are numerous latte machines on the market today. Furthermore, it is time to recognize the factors that contributed to choosing these specific products. By knowing what to look when choosing a great quality latte machine, you can easily make an excellent decision in the future. Here is some buying guide to choose the best latte maker you should know.

How to Choose the Best Latte Machine You Need To Familiar with

  1. Decide the types of machine

The first thing you should consider buying the product is deciding the types of machines that you want to buy. There are three types of latte machines that you can choose. This consists of semi-automatic machines for best flavor, super-automatic machines for convenience, and coffee pod for hassle-free functionality machines. Each type has a specific ability that offers you great features to make you enjoy your favorite coffee latte whatever you want.

  1. Pick the right size for your kitchen space

Pick the right size for your space has become a vital issue when you want to have a latte maker in your house. Most coffee makers can be large and will take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter. Thus, if you have limited space in your kitchen, you better pick the compact models of the machine. You can select a machine with a small size since some small latte machine can adjust in all types of kitchen space.

  1. Check the Features of the Machine

Do you want to have a convenient and fast machine? If yes, you should consider the feature provided by the machine. It comes with a user-friendly one-touch button to satisfy coffee makers. Also, there is a latte maker designed with compatible models that make you can easy to use it. Some of the machines come with a complicated feature that makes the user should have several skills to operate. So, you can choose based on your necessities.

If you looking the great one, you can choose this KEURIG Combo Version, Special edition: Complement your kitchen with the premium nickel colored finish, metal handle and drip tray. Not only Coffee and Latte Maker this is also can use as a Cappuccino Maker. This KEURIG also have Simple button controls: You Just insert any k cup pod and use the button controls to brew delicious coffee, or make hot or iced lattes and cappuccinos cool huh?

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance of the Device

To make sure that your coffee machine is in good condition, you need to clean and maintain it in a proper way. It is an essential aspect to help prolong the life of your coffee maker. This also helps to ensure that the flavor and quality consistency won’t be affected due to the accumulation of leftover grinds from previous uses. That’s why you need to select a latte maker that has a de-scaler feature. It helps you to remove and sanitize the tank in the process.

In conclusion, after you take consideration of the functionally, you can think about the machine design. This will mostly depend on the design of your kitchen. Some styles can be odds to fit in with your kitchen, but now there are numerous designs provide in the market. Whether you want to choose the conventional-looking design or modern design, your options are endless. So, if you are ready to buy the product, you can check our store to get special offers.

how to make a latte at home

For many people grabbing our favorite coffee is an essential part of the morning routine. However, Latte is the most popular coffee that most people drink. It is made from strong espresso and steamed milk. Latte can be very expensive to buy every day. Fortunately, now you can make them at home with a simple set up of method and ingredients. If you love a latte, here is our explanation of how to make a latte at home easily.

Below is the list of everything that you need to do to make a good latte

  1. Pick the Fresh espresso beans and Grind the Coffee

Choose the best quality of the coffee beans is the basic need when you want to make a coffee drink. You can buy in the local roaster or coffee shop to reach the freshness. Espresso needs a very finely grounds coffee. Grinds the espresso bens can add the freshness and control the taste of the coffee. So you need to consider the size of your coffee ground to make a good latte.

  1. Preparing the Milk

Another essential ingredient to make an excellent quality of the latte is the milk. How to make a latte at home with a perfect portion? You will require about six ounces of milk for a single portion of latte follow with brewed espresso. Besides that, there are several types of milk that you can choose to make a good taste of latte. For instance, nonfat dairy, whole milk, and even two percent of milk can produce foam nicely on your coffee latte.

  1. Steam the Milk Properly

Before you can add the espresso and the milk together, you have to steam the milk. You can use the temperature around 150ºF and 155ºF to best result. Be careful not to heat the milk above the 170ºF because it will scorch your milk. Again, how to make a latte at home in a proper way? You need to consider the types of milk that you will use for your latte to determine the temperature before making a latte that you want.

  1. Pour the Steamed Milk over the Espresso Slowly

To make the best result pour it smoothly can make the right combination of your homemade latte. Remember, when pouring the steamed milk, use a spoon to regulate the flow of the foam. Make sure don’t let the foam enter the drink until ¼ in from the top. The results will be a nice creamy brown with a thin frothy top. If you ask how to make a latte at home, is this difficult? The answer is super easy to make.

Check this one of our collection of Cappuccino and Latte Pod Machine,  this is NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, Genio 2, Espresso, Have EASY INTERFACE – Use the toggle-stick to adjust the LED display controlling the size and intensity of your coffee, Match the LED bars to the bars on your Dolce Gusto capsule, position the toggle stick to either hot or cold, and brew.

As a result, to make a coffee latte at home isn’t difficult as you think. You can quickly get the ingredients of the latte in every market place. It makes you save your time and your money rather than making it in line at the café shop. You can create a latte drink based on your taste. If you like a milky taste, you can add more milk as ingredients, but you can add more if you want strong flavor from espresso. So, check our store to grab the best product to make a latte.

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