Tips for Self Cleaning your Coffee Machine

Tips for Self Cleaning your Coffee Machine
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Does your coffee taste bitter lately? That could be happening because your coffee machine needs to be cleaned. Yes, in order to preserve its highest performance resulting in the best coffee tasting as well, you need to the cleaning regularly.

As time passed by, the coffee maker you’ve been using for a while might not be in its greatest condition. That means it may not be as fresh as you think. Actually, a dirty coffee machine will show you enough indicators, including mineral build-up and oily sludge will create statins that gum up the process, and eventually produce bitter brew. Talking about what’s inside the machine, you can also think about the bacteria and germs that have lived in there for some time. Such organisms can lead to infections or allergic reactions.

The good news is, you can learn how to correctly use your coffee machine, and do it yourself. The even better news is, the steps are coming in only a few numbers, and they are certainly easy to follow. By doing it regularly, you can expect a coffee machine that will work just well, look sparkly as new, and prevent you from getting sick because of unhealthy brew.

Tips For Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

Below are the methods to clean your coffee maker yourself. You’ll be able to enjoy fresher, tastier, and healthier brew as soon as you can expect!

  • Prepare what you need, including your coffee maker to clean, a decent amount of water, the vinegar of any kind (it’s better to use white distilled vinegar), and coffee filter.
  • Mix water and vinegar

After getting all the preparations done, the next step to do is to mix the water and vinegar. Cleaning your coffee machine begins with filling it with a decent amount of a mixture of water and vinegar. The composition should be 1:1. If you want, the ratio for vinegar can be added to clean up thoroughly through the oil and mineral build-up. Here, the vinegar performs as a sanitizer, as well as a dissolver for the leftovers.

  • Brew, then soak

Before moving on to the next step, you need to know that you don’t have to throw away the previous mixture out of the machine. Instead, place your coffee filter in the basket, then perform a brewing. After a halfway through it, turn the machine off and allow the remaining solution to soak into the carafe. Let it sit for around 30-60 minutes. You may need a longer time to soak it if you think you have much deposit or buildup to clear away.

  • Finish, then clean

Lastly, the final step you should perform is turning on the machine back and letting it finish the previous its brewing process. If it’s done, pour out the remaining filter and mixture. To dismiss the scent from the mixture, you can put some freshwater to the reservoir, a new paper filter to the basket, then allow it to perform another brewing cycle. Repeat for more cycle if it’s needed, and finally, wipe the machine with a clean cloth and let it dry completely.

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